Be more inclusive of cheating

The BBC breathlessly tells us that not letting men compete against women is a failure to be inclusive.

A top amateur cyclist says his sport is less inclusive and welcoming than ever after it banned transgender women from competing in the female category. Josh Jones, 31, from Cambridge, believes British Cycling’s new rules “fail the cycling community”.

But that’s stupid. Men can compete in the male category, which is only right, because they’re male. It’s not “less inclusive” to keep on having men compete against men instead of letting a few selected men invade women’s sports because they claim to be trans.

Jones, who has been competing for 12 years, has 44 wins across all disciplines and is currently 13th in the British Cycling National Rankings. He believes he is the first and only openly gay rider to hold a world ranking in any cycling discipline, but recent moves within the sport have left him dismayed.

“Dismayed” that men won’t get to invade and ruin women’s cycling.

Dude needs to stay in his own lane.

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