No YOU are

Endless spiral of opposites until we get lost in the not not not nots.

You can shout “AGAIN” all you want but it’s still the opposite of the reality. The women you’re calling “terfs” are not misogynists (nor are we misandrists, for that matter). We’re women who know that men are not women. That’s all it is. Hate is an emotion; facts are not emotions. It’s not hate to know a man when we see one.

It is true that we reject and dislike the ideology that tries to force us to agree that men are women if they say they are, but that’s in no way a hatred of women aka misogyny. It’s brazen theft to pretend it is.

There’s no such thing as a “transmisogynist.” That’s a meaningless label.

I do dislike some particular trans ideologues, but that’s not because of “misandry”; it’s because of what they are so determined to do to women, as in this very tweet. This shithead is deliberately working up hatred of women by accusing us of seeing trans women as inferiors to exploit. That’s a disgusting thing to say and ludicrously at odds with the reality. It’s the “Karen” ploy yet again – women who don’t submit to trans bullying are rich white bitches who exploit the working class.

Everything is the opposite of what it is. The world and everything in it is trans; resistance is futile.

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