Both fluid and solid

The BBC live-reported on the gender battles among MPs today and yesterday.

Today it included a chat it had with a person of gender:

The BBC has spoken to a genderfluid, trans woman who is not yet out to family and close friends.

What does that even mean? How can you be “genderfluid” and “trans”? Being trans means you’re so convinced you’re the opposite sex that you officially declare yourself as such. Genderfluid is the opposite of that.

They said: “It is unlikely that I will personally be in a position to apply for a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC) even if England were to relax the process.

“However, I do rely on the protections of the Equality Act and I am really concerned that this government will seek to row back on protections, particularly for trans people.

“We are a small part of the community, at high risk of abuse and it seems that the profile given to us far outweighs any risk to society and in particular cis women’s rights.

Yeah. In particular cis women’s rights – those stupid backward tame boring women who were just born that way don’t matter enough for their rights to matter. Yawn. Those women are particularly worthless and trivial.

The trans woman went on to explain: “How often do we show our birth certificate? As I understand it with a GRC you can change tax records, get married in the correct gene lsic] and be buried as such, but it has nothing to do with toilets.”

He’s “genderfluid” but he’s also a trans woman. Make it make sense.

The Beeb also includes the bit where Lloyd Russell-Moyle decided to shout at a woman.

Things are getting heated in the Commons chamber, with Labour’s Lloyd Russell-Moyle describing remarks by Conservative MP Miriam Cates as “one of the worst transphobic, dog-whistle speeches that I have heard in an awful long time”.

“Describing” in a furious testosteroney shout.

Cates had said there was a risk of “predators” exploiting the bill “to get access to children”, comments that Russell-Moyle described as “disgusting”, and said Cates should be “ashamed” of.

But how is there not such a risk? How exactly would it be done away with? Why wouldn’t men who want to fiddle with children exploit gender performance to get easier access? Please explain.

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