Calling all bullies

So this revolting Jason Frye dude has a public post on Facebook from three days ago, drumming up fans for his campaign to bully a teenage girl who doesn’t want leering men in the women’s locker room where she has to change her clothes.

Hello Humanists,

Tonight is an important night. Thoughts of our community have been proliferating and we have a hunger to get out into the general community and show support for deserving people and causes.

Last week a woman, Christynne Wood, was changing after her regular aqua aerobics routine and a teenager who saw Ms. Wood in the locker room went to the desk to complain about seeing a “man.”

Notice that the man gets the honor of being called a woman while the girl is genericized as a “teenager.” Notice also of course the moronic scare-quotes on “man,” as if nobody but a lunatic would call a man a man.

Christynne Wood is trans, post operative, and was minding her own business. Angered by the understandable ambivalence of YMCA staff, the teen went to express her outrage to the Santee City Council.

Wood is a man, so he wasn’t minding his own business by taking his clothes off in the women’s locker room. The “understandable ambivalence” of the Y staff is actually a failure or refusal to protect the privacy and safety of girls and women.

This resulted in two sizable protests outside of that Y location. One of our members was there on the side of equality and inclusion. He discussed this experience at last week’s Coffee & Conversation.

By “equality and inclusion” of course this foul sexist sadist means encouraging men to take over women’s spaces and force women out of public life.

The consensus of our community that arose from C&C was that there was an inappropriate act that day–patrons of the YMCA should be protected from creepy voyeurs spying on them and trying to give them trouble.

There’s the “creepy voyeur” insult, along with the ludicrous, abusive reversal of aggressor and victim.

There has been a conspicuous and marked increase in anti-trans animus and a vast proliferation of trans-specific regulations emerging across the United States. Oftentimes, and more often than not, this antisocial, vile rhetoric and drive stems from “deeply-held’ religious convictions.

As Humanists, it is our mission to stand with people who experience invidious discrimination and persecution when such affronts to dignity and compassion come from superstition and religious dogma.

Tonight Jason Frye (myself), Brian Delafayette, and others will be heading to Santee City Hall to support Christynne as she addresses the Council (during its regular business).

We will be meeting at City Hall around 5:30

That explains why there was a lot of applause and cheering for his grinning verbal assault on the teenage girl.

A woman comments “calling an underage girl who had to deal with indecent exposure a ‘creepy voyeur’ shows how morally bankrupt you are.”

Morally bankrupt, venomous, sadistic, smirking, smug – some “humanist.”

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