Does the left hate women?

Jerry Coyne notes that blind spot on the putative left:

The decision of LGBTQ people and feminists to support Muslim societies—societies where they’d never want to live, for many of them would be killed because of their sexual orientation—is an example of MacPherson’s Law, confected by one of our readers. According to Diana, if progressives must choose between conflicting causes to support, and one of them is women’s rights, the women’s rights lose. (By “causes”, I mean “supporting a group deemed to be oppressed.”) I’ll add a corollary: if progressives have to choose between two conflicting causes, and one of them is LGBTQ rights, those rights also lose.

Diana is not wrong. Another label for it could be The Karen Principle. Whenever there’s a conflict, shazam, women become Karens.

For this reason I don’t agree with Jerry’s corollary. Purported “LGBTQ” rights are constantly canceling women’s rights, especially, of course, the T (and whatever the Q may be). Women’s rights never cancel any T rights but T rights always cancel women’s rights.

The Karen Principle features prominently in Does God Hate Women? Many on the left see Islam and [male] Muslims as in every way and every sense the downtrodden persecuted minority, and foam at the mouth if anyone points out that Islam treats women like shit.

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