Don’t ask anyone’s name

More stupidity and bullying, this time aimed at medical staff. What could go wrong?

A noticeboard at one of London’s biggest hospitals is advising staff not to ask patients their name in case it causes offence to trans people.

Critics have said that the poster, at the Royal Free Hospital, would in effect leave doctors unable to access a patient’s records and is against General Medical Council rules.

The hospital has been displaying materials as part of an “allyship scheme” that is supposed to be more inclusive.


Why can’t hospitals just be allowed to get on with their work, rather than making displays of trans allyship? Why would a hospital be a good place for hectoring noticeboards? Why can’t trans activists just shut up for a change?

The noticeboard is for staff, the Times says, so I guess that means patients aren’t forced to see it, which is some small mercy, but it’s still a bossy nagging presumptuous piece of crap.

“What you think their pronouns should be does not matter a single bit.”

People with a brain have no opinion on what anyone’s luxury pronouns should be, because that’s not a thing. People know what third-person pronouns go with what sex, end of story. Medical staff have more important things to keep in mind than anybody’s bespoke pronouns. Shut up, get out, and take your poster with you.

What the hell is the point of telling hospital staff to listen more and talk less? A hospital isn’t a pub or a living room.

As for telling hospital staff they don’t need to know what sex their patients are…come on.

Remember when hospitals had noticeboards like this urging respect for women? No, neither do I.

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