Further to our previous policy statement

Another day another burn the witch!! cancel the woman!!

Let’s read the Times article.

An event featuring a prominent MP who has been outspoken in the bitter debate about trans rights has been cancelled by the Edinburgh Fringe’s biggest comedy club.

Joanna Cherry was due to take part in an “In conversation with . . . ” discussion at The Stand’s New Town Theatre during the summer.

But she has been “no platformed” after staff at the venue, including management and box office personnel, said they would not be comfortable working at the show.

Otherwise known as the heckler’s veto. Normally hecklers are in the audience as opposed to on the staff, but the effect is the same.

Last week, the screening of Adult Human Female, a women’s rights documentary, was cancelled for a second time at Edinburgh University. The film, which asserts that women are defined solely by their biological sex, was disrupted by hundreds of pro-trans protesters.

Heckler’s veto in advance.

I see Joanna Cherry calls it that herself, but I hadn’t read that far down the page when I said it. I’m so tired of all these hecklers vetoing feminism.

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