Get out

Man preens about ruining another sport for women.

Harriet Haynes has broken her silence after winning a national pool tournament by default after her opponent walked out in protest against having to face transgender players, with the champion claiming ‘bigotry is alive and well’.

Lynne Pinches conceded the final of the Ladies Champion of Champions national pool tournament at the weekend without playing a single frame, refusing to face her transgender opponent Haynes.

Her male opponent.

Pinches revealed after the match – her fourth final in her pool career – that her decision to walk out was made in the aid of ‘fairness’ in the sport, protesting against the fact that natal females can be drawn against transgender players. 

Skip the “natal females” crap. Women. The word is women.

Of course there was a “statement” saying how evil it is for women to say no to this systematic abuse.

‘This past weekend, player Lynn Pinches (sister of established snooker star Barry Pinches) made a protest in front of a packed playing hall by refusing to play the final of the National Champion of Champions Ladies’ Singles Competition,’ the statement drafted by Haynes’ lawyer with her endorsement begins.

‘The reason? Her co-finalist, Harriet Haynes, was a transgender woman. The “protest” has led to significant online discussion and a lot of regretful bigotry.’

Wtf is “regretful bigotry”? The lawyer meant “regrettable.” Maybe they is a trans lawyer.

Haynes argues that given pool’s status as a ‘precision sport’ there is no grounds for a discrimination to be made, asserting that there is no proof of transgender players holding an advantage. 

‘For all the comments that people hold that being trans is an advantage in cue sports, there is no scientific evidence to prove that,’ the statement continues. 

Always this sneaky deceit – always this lie that the issue is “being trans” when it’s being male.

‘The WEPF, UPG and EBPF have been asked to provide the scientific evidence that it was assumed that they must have had before they decided to issue such a controversial and unlawful policy. No such evidence has ever been provided to show how there is an apparent advantage to transwomen as compared to naturally born women.’

But it was a women’s tournament. For women. Not for men. Haynes is a man.

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