Time to ditch the TQ (way past time in fact).

As rising numbers of old-fashioned LGBs see it, the “T” — for transgender — and “Q” for queer, don’t necessarily have much in common with gays and lesbians. 

Not so much “old-fashioned” as still able to tell the differences between things that are not the same.

For these ideological reformists, the LGBTQ mash-up and community-wide obsession with trans issues is sowing confusion and chaos within politics and popular culture — eroding much of the progress sexual minorities have fought to achieve.

Well, that, but also it’s a pack of lies enforced by relentless bullying.

“We feel shackled into this ‘umbrella term’ by organizations that are supposed to serve us but have actually turned against us,” explained Kate Barker, CEO of the London-based LGB Alliance, which was established in late 2019 to ​​“advance the interests of lesbians, gay men, and bisexuals.” “It has come to a point where many of us find ourselves forced into a relationship we never consented to and feel we cannot leave.” 

Like forced marriage, but with stripes.

…a survey conducted last year by the Public Religion Research Institute found that Americans are widely in favor of general nondiscrimination laws protecting LGBTs — eight in 10 back policies securing jobs, public accommodation, and housing — but that support erodes when special privileges for trans people, framed as “rights” by the researchers, enter the picture.

All the more so because those special privileges framed as “rights” are so glaringly incompatible with women’s and girls’ rights. The “right” to use women’s toilets and locker rooms=a threat to women. The “right” to win prizes for women=women not winning their own prizes. And so on. It’s not minor or subtle stuff.

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