Guest post: A cultural version of the Savior Complex

Originally a comment by Sastra on A policy vacuum filled with loonies.

I’m becoming more and more convinced that, due to a confluence of factors, modern society has become entangled in a cultural version of the Savior Complex. The psychologically exaggerated need to save other people has lead to the inadvertent creation of those who need saving: in this case, the Trans Child. Here the combined influence of Therapy Culture and nostalgia for civil rights battles seduces people into loving the pure and innocent Authentic Self suppressed by the Orthodox and bullied by Oppressors. These kids are vulnerable, weak, needy, hurt. They’re just like gay kids used to be in the bad old days. But they can save them! Today, in the here and now! All that’s needed is the courage to believe them, and to continue to believe them, despite whatever obstacles the “reasonable” may try to put in their path.

Psychologists point out that those with Savior Complex can often harm those they try to help by overestimating their capabilities, misdiagnosing the problem, and/or inhibiting the natural growth and development of the designated Victim. Again, that seems to apply here. Teachers deal closely with children; it’s especially easy for them to be seduced into a role of noble advocate rescuing their charges from an unfeeling world.

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