To convince the world

Hmmm. If I were a passer-by I’m not sure I would find that a very persuasive slogan.

I get the thinking, maybe…It’s about being defiant, unafraid, in our face, unashamed, bold, brassy, blunt, real. It’s a sort of imitation of feminism, in a way – feminism that said all along we’re not ladies and we’re not girls, we’re women, with all that that implies. It’s not a dainty business, being a woman – you try pushing an infant human being through a small hole in your body. Feminism said all along that we’re not asking, we’re telling; we’re not begging, we’re taking. We’re not pleading or coaxing or simpering or apologizing, we’re just demanding what’s ours. Feminism was often deliberately sweary and coarse. Maybe trans activism sees itself as doing the same thing.

But of course it doesn’t work if it’s men telling women to suck the men’s trans balls. It doesn’t work because it’s punching down, fairly literally. Women don’t rape men; men do rape women. Orders to suck someone’s balls are inescapably linked to rape. Trans activists with any brains should be able to figure that out. I’m forced to conclude, then, that these people are thick as two short planks.

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