Guest post: Almost like a dear Muslima

Originally a comment by maddog1129 on Dim bulbs.

I’m afraid you’re the one who is misled. I’ve been a part of the LGBTQA+ community for the last thirty two years since I came out in 1990. I have trans friends. This entire thing is just like it was then for gay people – demonization, misrepresentation, lies and hatred.

But it’s not “just like it was for gay people.” The things that gay people wanted didn’t affect anyone else. The accusations that gay men “recruited” young men to be gay were false. The LG purposely and scrupulously separated themselves from the pedophilia activists like NAMBLA. The “demonization, misrepresentation, lies, and hatred” against gay men and lesbians were false accusations and irrational fears.

Here, we’re talking about a trans person who is a rapist. Rapists are rightly “demonized,” because they are vile predators who hurt other people. Calling this trans person — and a whole host of others — rapists, predators, criminals is not a “misrepresentation.” It’s not a lie. Rapists are deservedly hated. Here, the accusations are true. That’s what this guy is defending. He’s lying when he says it’s “just like” the unjust animus against gay people. Here, the demonization is a correct representation, is not a lie, and is properly condemned, if not exactly “hated.” He doesn’t know what “just like” means.

And there’s the broader point that what LGB activists sought did not affect anyone else. The T project is entirely different. They demand, not equal rights, but special privileges and dispensations that are not rights at all. Their demands directly affect the rights of others, primarily the rights of women and girls. Men and boys who violate the boundaries of women and girls, and who demand to do so as a matter of right, raise huge red flags for the safety of women and girls. A significant predictor of which men are the most dangerous to women is the violation of women’s boundaries. The T movement is hellbent on the wholesale destruction of women’s boundaries. Women are 100% justified in fear and wariness toward such men. It’s not “demonization” to point out that men who call themselves women present a heightened risk to women, and that their demands destroy women’s rights. It’s not a “misrepresentation” to point out the conflict between T demands and women’s rights. As for “lies,” the entire T edifice is built on a colossal lie, that human beings can change sex just by wishing. The “lies” are entirely on the T side of the argument. The lies are so stupid that it’s astonishing that they ever gained any traction at all, but here we are.

This Tom Coates person doesn’t know how reason and logic and words work. He’s still purposely defending a rapist and changing the subject away from the rapist. Almost like a dear Muslima. You can’t talk about the issue directly in front of you, because of this other issue over there. That kind of dishonesty makes me distrust everything about the T movement and its advocates.

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