Guest post: But they won’t

Originally a comment by Arcadia on But they’re not.

we can’t have that debate, because there’s a genuine conversation to be had about the rights of transgender people and the protection of safe spaces and hard-fought rights for women.

Yeah. We could have that debate, if trans organisations would ever allow it (and to date they won’t, escalating to barricading, deplatforming, threatening and actual violence when it’s been tried).

But they won’t. And they won’t because once it’s suggested by them that the right of a woman to get changed without seeing a stranger’s dick ought to be *balanced* with the “right” of an adult to show his dick to an unwilling woman and children, most people wonder what the hell you’re smoking and want nothing to do with you.

The “rights” they want are fundamentally unpopular when explained in plain, ordinary language: such as falsified documents, to cheat at sports, to steal jobs, awards and places for other vulnerable groups, take their penises where no one wants them, and to lie about all of it with such obfuscating language that it’s quite impenetrable to the ordinary citizen. As well as to harass, charge, fine, arrest, fire etc anyone who complains that such a situation is untenable and unacceptable.

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