Guest post: Let this be their Stalingrad

Originally a comment by Your Name’s not Bruce? on Questions of bodily autonomy.

It’s interesting how they mention the anti-abortion laws, but those immediately fall away. It looks like abortion rights are like anti-racism; they have become a tool for trans to use for their own interests, to tie trans to unrelated activism in order to tie their issues to other issues that really are issues of rights.

Indeed. We saw TiM speakers at rallies, which were ostensibly protests against the overturning of Roe v Wade, turn the fight for abortion rights into a subsection of trans demands for “bodily autonomy.” Women’s rights pushed aside for boutique demands. To complete the hijacking of women’s platforms, captured orgs like the ACLU, NOW and Planned Parenthood tweeted about abortion rights without using the word “woman.” Once women have served their purpose of getting the T centred, women and their needs are cast aside. Mission accomplished.

Similarly NBs, and even TiFs, are afterthoughts within trans activism itself for the core of TiMs who seem to be driving the agenda. If there was some means of dismantling the forced teaming and dismantling the “umbrella,” TiMs would find it harder to advance and defend their demands. A good wedge issue might do the trick. Pushing on things like getting men men out of women’s prisons might help do this. It’s harder to hide the impact of the trans agenda on the prison issue than it is to conceal in “health care for trans kids.” There are far more candy-coated euphemisms to unpack and translate in the medical arena than in the prison one, making the incarceration of men with women a harder position to hold, and an easier one to attack. It looks bad to start with, and I don’t think TiFs or NBs have much of a draw to this issue. I don’t see TiFs clamoring to get into men’s prisons in the name of TMAM, and as for NBs, who really gives a fuck what they think or want?

For TiMs, it’s TWAW in all situations and circumstances; or, as Stonewall used to put it, “Acceptance without exception.” No ground can be given: TWAW is a total(itarian) position. In the UK, TiMs in women’s prisons was promoted as the perfect test case for getting men into any and all female single-sex spaces. They can’t afford to let this one go. All the better for our side. Bring it on. Let this be their Stalingrad.

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