Guest post: Like some sort of activist auto-immune disorder

Originally a comment by Your Name’s not Bruce? on The spectre.

Affirmation is a powerful psychological tool, but like all tools (nuclear power or nuclear bombs) it needs to be applied with rigour and care for the outcome.

Interesting insight. Thank you for sharing this.

We seem to be dealing with the “nuclear bomb” version of this psychological tool. These desperate people are being told that affirmation needs to be paired with drastic body modification. The self-defeating, self destructive internal voice is being catered to and appeased, not talked off the ledge. The social contagion aspect turns the phenomenon into a patient driven one, with sufferers demanding the “true path” to what they’ve been told will make them better. At the same time, the watchfull waiting approach which would leave them intact and, if successful, happier in their own, uncut skin, is condemned by activists as “conversion therapy.” The activist path is encouraging sufferers to listen to the inner voice telling them to jump into the lifelong, medicalized “journey” to a place they can never reach.

A major twist on this weaponized “affirmation” approach is that the entire rest of the world is supposed to join in with the “affirmation.” It is no longer an internal dialogue, but a play in which we’re all expected to read our scripted lines and follow the blocking that the reified, empowered and enthroned “gender identity” demands. Everyone else is supposed to go along with the fiction that yes, these people have actually changed sex. We are unwittingly and unwillingly pressed into being a part of their “therapy.” Failure to comply results in our punishment as cruel monters out to cause “harm” and “suffering” to these people who have become, at the same time, our wards and our masters. We are to dance to the tune chosen by these marginalized, vulnerable dictators, whose zealous supporters can have us cancelled and fired for using the “wrong” words.

And whatever is happening with, or done to genuinely dysphoric individuals, the “affirmation approach” has in turn been appropriated by fetishistic AGP males in order to demand access to female only spaces. And this appropriation goes farther still. The therapeutic language, along with Self-ID, become tools to be used by predators and cheats who might not even be dysphoric or AGP at all, but who see and seize an opportunity they can exploit. Trans activists, having failed to acknowledge the threat that Self-ID represents to women’s spaces perforce defend predators when they defend the “right” of TiMs to access those spaces. Because there is no way for women to distinguish between “harmless” TiMs and run-of-the-mill male predators, trans activists have effectively taken the predators under their wing so as not to weaken their own supposed claim to women’s spaces. If a few women suffer as collateral damage from predators who take advantage of the opening that TiMs have made, oh well. It’s all a part of “validation” and “affirmation.” We all have our parts to play, though we don’t all have a choice in the matter. Some of us are stars, some of us are only extras.

That all of these different, conflicting groups get lumped together under the “trans umbrella” within the even broader, forced-teamed LGBTQetc. “community” makes responding difficult, as opposing the boundary-breaking behaviour of males who claim to be trans is trumpeted as an “attack” on the “entire LGBTQ community,” even when it’s really just an attempt to protect women from creepy males. In the ultimate reductio ad absurdum, we have the bizarre, unexpected spectacle of lesbians defending their same-sex attraction and association against genderist “lady dick lesbians” being turned outcast for “attacking” the very community of which they are ostensibly charter members. To paraphrase the promulgators and aplogists of “TWAW,” The L is right there in the name! But like some sort of activist auto-immune disorder, the “community” turns on part of its own body, giving the lie to the loudly asserted claim that there is “No Conflict” between women’s rights and trans “rights.” A little “affirmation” goes a long way.

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