Guest post: One day when the bottom has fallen out

Originally a comment by VanitysFiend on The bindweed.

I hope one day when the bottom has fallen out of the trans movement we can have a proper belly laugh at all the people who should’ve known better but still somehow fell for it and subsequently pissed away their reputations as a result, but right now this just feels sad. Sad that the website where I first learned about Lupron and its use in crank medicine as a treatment for autism is now promoting an ideology that uses that exact same drug to stall the natural development path for adolescent humans because it thinks it’ll help children change sex.

There’s a dark beauty to this level of stupidity that just can’t really be appreciated in the present. To me stunting the process that turns a child into an adult seems so obviously like the prologue to a dystopian Sci-fi classic like Brave New World that it should be easy to dismiss out of hand, and yet here we are, doing it to thousands of kids every year.

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