Guest post: What one woman saw

Originally a comment by latsot on Not letting women speak.

I know some women who were there, I was seriously worried. They are safe, though! My friend spotted there was going to be violence and managed to take her group away from the crowd before it happened.

One of her friends was beaten, though. I found myself typing “thankfully it was not serious” and while I’m indeed thankful it’s not serious, it appals me that that’s the sort of thing I have to be thankful for.

She reports:

A 70 year old woman being punched in the face.

A child being pushed over so that a trans rights activist could scream more closely in another woman’s face

Two women or one woman and a girl lying on the ground in the middle of the crush as KJK was helped away from the crowd

No police manning the barriers

No police anywhere in the crowd, only a few on the periphery.

A TIM repeatedly flashing his moobs at a young lesbian and seeming to move to occupy the women’s toilets

All of this and more has been corroborated.

And this is what one woman saw with her own eyes.

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