Guest post: The sun AND the moon

Originally a comment by Mike Haubrich on He has never used the toilets.

I made it just about as far into this, before realizing I hadn’t clipped my fingernails for a while. I just find it odd that the BBC, which has produced some fine skeptical programmng in the past, doesn’t have someone investigate this social phenomenon to explore what it means to experience a mismatch between their gender and their sex at birth. This is an extraordinary claim that is to be taken at face value, and they’ve no mind to say “wait, what does this really mean and how can we know that this is what is really happening?” We can’t even get a grip on how someone can experience a gender identity, let alone one that is counter to a person’s sex.

Okay, we know it’s socially influenced to believe that if a boy is “sugar and spice and everything nice” then he must be a girl, or a girl who is “snakes and snails and puppy dog tails” must be a boy. But, why does the BBC just let this all pass as a valid natural phenomenon that must be acknowledged, recognized, and catered to?

It’s either, or, and, something, as Laurie Penny let slip (again.) It’s fixed enough to castrate and plastically alter a body, to snatch the available supplies of HRT from the chemist’s shelves so that post-menopausal women don’t have access, it’s fixed enough that a woman must accept that her partner is now a woman and accommodate all his demands or be shunned, but then again it’s a floating thing for the genderqueer and they can’t explain how the’re in boy mode today but girl mode tomorrow but you better accommodate it!

This kid is being offered the sun and the moon, but it’s not good enough. Only the 2nd LaGrange point will work, or she’ll wait until she gets home!

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