He has never used the toilets

Updating to warn: I got the kid’s sex wrong throughout, as the BBC intended us all to do.

The BBC twists itself into pretzels again to placate the Gender Minotaur.

In the nine months that Felix has attended high school in Fife, he has never used the toilets.

Too much information. Why is a global news organization telling us about the toilet practices of a teenage boy in Scotland?

The 13-year-old is trans and his teachers say he is welcome to use male, female or disabled toilets and changing rooms.

Well that’s no fun. How about a paneled room with armchairs and a fridge full of snacks, just for him?

But like some other trans pupils, Felix would prefer to use unisex facilities.

But like some other trans pupils, Felix would prefer even more anxious attention and placating and special arrangements.

He says he feels uncomfortable having to select between options that were not designed with trans people in mind.

Well we can’t have Felix feeling uncomfortable, can we. We can’t have Felix thinking he doesn’t get special arrangements, because what would that say about Felix? That he’s not magic! Felix must be helped to think he’s magic! At all times! Hop to it, please!

“I’ve told my guidance teacher but she said that there’s not much we can really do about it because we can’t change the walls in the school or anything. I feel like I am just going to have to deal with it.”

They can’t change the walls just for Felix??? How outrageous is that?

The BBC then takes us back to the beginning to explain.

People who are transgender experience a mismatch between their gender and the sex on their birth certificate.

Or, that is, people who say they are transgender have been trained to say “I feel a mismatch between my gender and the sex on my birth certificate.” They’ve been taught the jargon. The fact that it doesn’t mean very much is beside the point. The fact that a lot of kids find puberty weird and alienating and then get used to it is beside the point. Everything must be dropped to rush to the assistance of any kid who claims to feel that precious mismatch.

The article goes on and on after that point but I’ve had enough nonsense for one day.

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