Man hits out because let go

Also Don Lemon, I guess to even the numbers or something.

CNN anchor Don Lemon has hit out at the network over his firing months after being accused of misogyny over remarks about top Republican Nikki Hayley.

No he didn’t “hit out at” the network. Don’t be so silly. He objected to his firing – he complained, he fumed, he griped – but he didn’t hit anything.

“I am stunned,” Mr Lemon wrote on Twitter, saying he was told by his agent he had been let go.

He wasn’t “let go”; he was fired. One minute it’s a crude exaggeration and the next it’s a crude euphemism. I do wish journalists would use real words.

Was it because of the ridiculous and misogynist remark he made about Nikki Haley and his ridiculous and misogynist defense of same? Or was it because of a longstanding pattern of sexist crap? Or perhaps both?

The 57-year-old had appeared on CNN on Monday during the morning programme as normal, before reports of his dismissal were publicised later that day.

57. Nikki Haley is 51. Ah well – he says women become worthless earlier than men, so I bow to his superior wisdom.

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