Oops sorry film is off

Speaking of rights, and violations of same –

The BBC:

The screening of a controversial film about transgender issues has been cancelled for a second time by the University of Edinburgh after student protests.

Gender-critical documentary Adult Human Female was due to be shown at a lecture hall in George Square on Wednesday. But the university said protestors were restricting access to the venue and the event was cancelled on safety grounds. A similar protest in December stopped the first attempt to screen the film.

Adult Human Female, made by independent filmmakers Deirdre O’Neill and Mike Wayne, is billed as an “explainer about the issues, how far things have already changed for the worse for women and how difficult it has been to be heard, to be listened to”. Some university staff and student groups had called for the screening to be called off, claiming the documentary contained content that was “a clear attack on trans people’s identities”.

I wonder what would happen if they all identified as Tucker Carlson.

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