Cancel that screening!

Oh oh oh, what an outrage, a horror film called Adult Human Female has not been banned from the University of Edinburgh.

A screening of the film Adult Human Female is scheduled to occur in a lecture hall on the university’s George Square campus on Wednesday, hosted by the University of Edinburgh Academics for Academic Freedom group.

However the Edinburgh branch of the University and College Union (UCU) wrote to the university’s principal, Peter Mathieson, and called for the screening to be cancelled over concerns it contained content that was “a clear attack on trans people’s identities.”

What is an attack on a set of people’s identities? What does that mean? People have gotten so settled into the jargon that they don’t even notice the emptiness or absurdity or both of their claims.

Trans people claim to be the opposite sex. Informing them that people can’t change sex isn’t an attack on their “identities,” it’s a rejection of their fantasy-based claims. We’re allowed to reject fantasy-based claims. It’s part of adulthood to hear sometimes “No, that’s not true, it’s made up.” We are not required to believe trans people’s claims about themselves. It’s not an attack to withhold such belief. If anyone is attacking anything it’s more that trans activists and their frenzied supporters are attacking our right to recognize bullshit when we see it.

A spokesperson for the University of Edinburgh told The National that despite concerns expressed by the union, and by the university’s LGBT+ Pride society, the screening would go ahead.

…the UCU has now stated their complaint, along with others, was dismissed by the principal in a “cavalier manner”.

There should be more of that. There should be more cavalier dismissal of these explosions of rage at feminist analysis of the trans dogma.

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