Our shared drivel

Let’s read the LGBT Foundation’s guide to watizzawoman.

There are as many ways of being a woman as there are women in the world.

There is so much that unites all women: our shared joys, our unique experiences, and the challenges we face in a patriarchal world. These are often increased and impacted by our other identities such as race, sexuality, and disabilities. We are all multifaceted people who go beyond a simple sentence summarising womanhood. A rigid, simplistic definition both limits and reduces our womanhood.

No it doesn’t, the same way it doesn’t reduce our humanity to say we are humans. A definition is just a definition; it’s not a biography or a public relations statement or an advertisement or a memoir. Of course “adult human female” doesn’t say all there is to say about particular women: it’s not intended to. Purple prose doesn’t change that.

A woman is someone who identifies as a woman.

No, that’s wrong. A woman who is brain-dead and can’t identify as anything is still a woman. What sex you are is an impersonal fact, not a mental state.

Cis women and trans women are women – it’s as simple as that.

No, it isn’t. The simple bit is “a woman is an adult human female.” Insisting that men who have fantasies of being women are in fact women is the complicated bit, and it’s wrong.

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