Oxfam Canada pisses on women

That’s nice. That’s charming. Oxfam Canada thinks women don’t get to have a day for themselves. Other subordinated groups get to have a day for themselves, but women don’t. Why’s that? Because we’re such Karens? Is that it?

Fighting for what rights? What rights do trans people – especially trans women – want that they don’t have? What rights do they have to fight for? The right to shove women aside and take all our stuff? That’s not a right. That’s just a continuation of the same old arrangement where men are in charge and women obey or else.

Fae Johnstone doesn’t have a “right” to be celebrate on International Women’s Day. He’s not a woman. He should get out of women’s concerns, leave women alone, stop taking what belongs to women. Oxfam Canada should stop cheering him on.

Also what tf is “the diversity of all identities” supposed to mean?

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