Hi, yes, we are determined to erase women

Oxfam confirms yes it really is committed to erasing women whenever a trans lobby tells it to.

A man explains that yes indeed Oxfam removed a bingo game celebrating female achievement because of its commitment to respect people of all genders.

So. That’s clear. In Oxfam view, prodded by its “trans and non-binary colleagues,” it is no longer permissible to celebrate female achievement. It’s mandatory to erase women and exclude them from all publicity, journalism, promotion, boosting, scholarships, interviews, lists – everything.

And why? Why do Oxfam’s trans and enby colleagues think that celebrating women fails to respect “all genders”?

Rob didn’t explain. It would be good to know what the thinking actually is here. Surely even Team Trans Dogma can’t think that the word “women” itself “fails to respect all genders”? But how else can they justify withdrawing a product that celebrates women?

It’s all-out war on women, with not a shred of veiling left.

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