Rob said all they’re going to say

The Times reports that Oxfam refuses to clarify that threadbare Twitter “explanation” of its decision to erase women.

Oxfam has removed a children’s game celebrating “inspirational women” such as Marie Curie, Rosa Parks and Emmeline Pankhurst from its shops because transgender and non-binary staff complained that it did not “respect people of all genders”.

No Rosa Parks for you, bitches!

Wonder Women, a bingo game, features 48 women “who have made a mark on the world, from scientists and artists to writers, activists and beyond”.

Then it quotes Rob’s explanation on Twitter, which I think does not come across as official enough to be Oxfam’s only explanation, but it seems Oxfam doesn’t agree. We don’t even know who “Rob” is but pfffft, we should go away and play with our gender-respectful dolls.

The charity declined to clarify what was concerning about a children’s game celebrating the achievements of women also including Malala Yousafzai, Ada Lovelace, Jane Austen and Amelia Earhart.

It also refused to explain whether staff were upset by the inclusion of the authors JK Rowling and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, both of whom have been accused of transphobia for challenging trans rights campaigners’ views, or whether it was linked to the inclusion of the actor Elliot Page.

Because the game came out before Page did blah blah so it has the wrong name blah blah besides she’s not a woman after all anyway blah blah blah all of which is an excellent reason for dumping women in the nearest trash bin.

Oxfam’s decision prompted anger and dismay from some women who work for the charity, with at least one bookshop volunteer saying that she would resign in protest.

Ulrike Bullerby, 50, a mother of two with 25 years’ experience as a bookseller, said she had handed in her notice at the Oxfam shop where she had volunteered for ten years. She told The Times that the decision to ditch the game was “an affront” to all the women who fund-raise and donate to the charity.

And to all women. Good, well done Ulrike Bullerby.

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