Owen cracks the case

Owen Jones is so important that even Oxfam explains itself to him.

“Senior management agreed that it would be unethical to sell the product, and it was therefore pulled.”

I’m not sure I believe the story, but even if it is true, why would it be “unethical” to sell (or give away) the product?

It wouldn’t. It’s only because there’s this exaggerated wild-eyed panic about the Specialness of being trans that lets people get away with that kind of absurdity. Page is a woman, who now “identifies as” a man, but the fact that Page now claims to be a man doesn’t mean everything relating to Page has to be brought up to date. Are they going to tweak Juno so that it’s about a trans guy who gets pregnant and decides not to get an abortion because the fetus has fingernails? No, and they’re not going to withdraw it from circulation, either, so why is it “unethical” to sell or donate a game that was accurate at the time it was created?

That’s not Owen’s point though, of course; Owen’s point is to remind us how much he hates feminist women who don’t do what he tells us.

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