Owen Jones is happy though.

Note: the LGB Alliance is not “anti-trans rights.” It doesn’t want to take human rights away from trans people – of course it doesn’t. It opposes new, made-up “rights,” claimed rights that aren’t rights at all: to be “accepted” as whatever one claims to be, to be “validated” as X when one is Y, to be “included” as LGB when one is straight. Trans rights are indeed trans rights, because they’re not rights at all.

This isn’t just wordplay or pedantry, because it’s central to the war on terfs. We’re not arguing for the persecution or isolation of trans people, we’re arguing against our own persecution and isolation. We’re arguing for our ability and our right to recognize men as men when it’s relevant. That doesn’t take any actual right away from trans people, it just denies them the right to impose a personal fantasy on the entire world.

And of course Owen Jones is completely wrong to say the LGB Alliance doesn’t represent the exact people it does represent.

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