So much more vulnerable

The CBC on the suppression of Robert Wintemute’s talk at McGill:

Trans rights advocates stormed into a talk Tuesday afternoon at McGill University led by a speaker associated with a group they say is “notoriously transphobic and trans-exclusionary.”

Not a great lede. “Trans rights” always need to be specified, because most readers will think just “human rights for trans people” when in fact what’s meant is a set of novel “rights” that are incompatible with other people’s rights. The people storming the talk weren’t so much “advocates” as an angry shouty mob who physically prevented people from going in. The way they libel the speaker shouldn’t be just slapped down there in the first sentence as if it were true or at least reasonable.

“The T (trans) is so much more vulnerable than the rest of LGB. I think there’s tons of scientific evidence speaking to that,” said Celeste Trianon, a trans activist who led the protest against the event.

Who led the mob that prevented the event from continuing. Also this “trans activist” is a guy, shutting down a talk that is of particular relevance to women’s rights. This conflict has everything to do with women and our rights and the way purported “trans rights” are eroding ours. News outlets should make that very clear instead of muffling it in vagueness.

[Wintemute] says he has a 37 years experience defending LGB human rights and he would never associate with any group that “promotes hate.” He said he came to McGill to promote the message that women have human rights too, but they feel intimidated by the trans rights movement.

“So I have to thank the protesters for giving me first-hand experience of that intimidation,” said Wintemute after the event. “Probably the majority of women in this country disagree with some of transgender demands but they refuse to say so because they will be seen as intolerant.”

And shouted at and bullied and pushed out of things.

Any discussion or criticism is seen as “hate speech,” he said. The protesters held signs saying “no debate,” he noted, “and many women around the world disagree.” The idea that his seminar would lead to genocide of trans people is “absolutely absurd,” he said.

That kind of dishonest hyperbole is pervasive in trans ideology and “activism.” It is in fact one of the (several) signs that it’s not a healthy or progressive or liberal-minded movement. The lies, the screaming, the self-pity, the bullying – they don’t add up to another rung on the ladder to human betterment, do they.

Wintemute’s work inspired the foundation of the LGB Alliance, a British group that advocates against transgender rights in the United Kingdom.

No it does not – that’s an appalling claim for the CBC to make. It resists the creation of new, warped imitations of rights that are just for trans people, like the “right” to be treated as what one is not. It does not advocate for trans people to lose the human rights we all have.

The group has opposed progressive gender affirmation bills in the U.K., like the Scottish Gender Recognition Act, which improves the system by which transgender people can apply for legal recognition.

But who says they are progressive? What if they’re not? What if they’re the opposite of progressive?

The LGB Alliance denies being transphobic or hateful.

The CBC sneers.

An open letter signed by McGill students, professors, alumni and others from the Montreal LGBTQ+ community says trans rights are not at odds with the rights of others.

They can say whatever they like, but they’re wrong. Some purported trans rights very much are at odds with the rights of women…and, ironically, lesbians and gays, despite all the brandishing of LGBTQMNOP.

“Undermining the human rights of trans people does not benefit any member of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community, nor the feminist movement,” it says.

Yeah? What about the ZRPMWIF-x/ community?

Though Canada and Quebec have remained “mostly sheltered” from transphobic rhetoric, those ideas have gained momentum in the U.S. and the U.K. and could easily spread here, said Trianon.

She pointed to the multiple instances of drag queen story hours being attacked by anti-LGBT activists over the summer in Montreal.

“This plays into the transfeminine predator stereotype. It’s very much a debunkable thing,” said Trianon.

Except that there are predators who pretend to be trans women, stereotype or no stereotype.

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