Somebody did something

Gender-critical social worker ‘blacklisted’ for trans views

A social worker with 25 years experience has been told she cannot apply for more work after she questioned whether transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney was the right person to model sports bras for Nike.

Mother of two Louise Chivers, 52, has been told she cannot apply for social services jobs pending an investigation after a manager at Leicestershire County Council suggested there was a risk she “might misgender someone”.

Has been told, has been told – who told her that? Why the passive voice? Why not say up front who did the telling? I do wish news outlets would not be so coy with the basic facts.

She has now been referred to Social Work England, the body that regulates social workers, and the company that recruited her has launched an investigation.

Referred by whom? The company that recruited her, or someone else? Basic facts up front please!

Instead of giving us the basic facts the Telegraph moves to quoting Chivers on the politics; one has to skip many paragraphs to get to who did what.

A spokesman for Leicestershire County Council said: “We’re committed to equalities, diversity and inclusion and like other organisations, will take action if we believe legislation or professional standards have been breached.

“The matter has been referred to Social Work England. The recruitment agency has been informed so that they may consider the issues raised.”

So was it Leicestershire County Council that did the telling, or someone else?

Journalism 101 failure.

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