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What a sloppy evidence-free piece in the Guardian:

Belgium’s deputy prime minister, who ranks as one of Europe’s most senior transgender politicians, has urged Rishi Sunak not to join “the real bullies” after remarks made by the British prime minister at the Conservative party conference this week.

Transgender what? The fool reporter never says.

The prime minister’s comments came as it was revealed that the number of hate crimes committed against transgender people last year in England and Wales had climbed to a record high, with the Home Office suggesting in its report that the 11% rise may have been prompted by comments by politicians and media.

Climbed to what number? The 11% rise from what to what? How does the number compare to the number of hate crimes against women?

On Thursday, Petra De Sutter, Europe’s first openly transgender minister, described Sunak’s comments as “hurtful and very disappointing” on social media.

Transgender what? The name isn’t enough; you can’t expect readers to know whether “Petra” is a male name or a female name in Belgium. Sloppy sloppy incompetent journalism.

Attenders at the conference also heard from the health secretary, Steve Barclay, who promised to ban transgender hospital patients in England from being treated in female- and male-only wards.

Really? Or did he promise to keep males out of female-only wards?

Does the Guardian not have editors?

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