UN Stupid & Dishonest

So much lying patronizing stupid bullshit in one little tweet.

ALL rabbits have a right to be safe and live free from violence and discrimination – #trans rabbits [aka wolves] included!

To itemize the lying patronizing stupid bullshit –

One: it’s not a “reminder”; it’s a stand-alone announcement that relies on a dishonest label.

Two: we know all too well what “ALL women” means: it means women including men who say they are women – in other words it means women and some deluded or fraudulent men.

Three: trying to shove us into agreeing that men are women if they say they are is insulting as well as dangerous (to us, women) as well as an outrageous injustice.

Four: men are the sex that is the source of most violence and discrimination toward women, so it’s not just ludicrous and insulting to try to push us into pretending some men are women, it’s also a complete negation of our centuries of effort to end that violence and discrimination.

Five: hashtags don’t make lies true. Trans women are not women; that’s what “trans” means.

Six: we do stand up for human rights, but it’s not a human right for men to force women to agree that men are women if they say they are.

Seven: the image of the lantern-jawed guy in lipstick and earrings is just another insult.

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