Under new rules


Transgender women convicted of violence will be barred from female prisons under new rules to be introduced on Monday.

The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) is toughening its stance, meaning that not only transgender women convicted of sexual assaults but also those jailed for violence will no longer be able to be held in mainstream women’s prisons.

Violent offences will include murder, attempted murder, harming a child, assault with intent to cause serious harm or with injury, endangering life, and harassment. The new rules will also cover all transgender women with male genitalia and will apply regardless of whether transgender prisoners have a gender recognition certificate.

Because as women have said all along, the male genitalia and all that goes with them are reality while a gender recognition certificate is a certificate of…airy nothing.

The tougher rules south of the border follow a scandal when a transgender inmate sexually assaulted fellow prisoners after transferring to a women’s prison in 2018. Karen White, a transgender woman, was on remand for multiple rapes and other sexual offences against women when transferred to New Hall prison, near Wakefield.

It then emerged that, after transferring to the female prison, she was accused of four sexual assaults against other inmates between September and November last year, before being moved to a men’s prison.

So, concentrating very hard and thinking very deeply, officialdom slowly came to the conclusion that men who fantasize that they’re women and have a history of sexual assault might just possibly not be the best prison cellmates for women.

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