The Barbara Cartland of the pre-school set

Hmm. Staunch, or fanatical? Staunch, or one-eyed, clueless, venomous, poisonous?

Ruth Comerford on Clara Vulliamy:

Clara is a staunch Trans rights activist and is passionate about celebrating Trans and Non-Binary children in stories. She has been on the receiving end of horrific online abuse for her opinions. At the time of our interview, she had just locked her Twitter account again because the volume of threatening messages she was receiving was “getting ridiculous”.

Has she though? Horrific abuse? Any receipts for that? Any evidence for the claim of “threatening messages”?

I can’t see the reporter’s name without thinking of Aidan Comerford, but Google didn’t turn up any indication that they’re related, so I don’t know.

“I won’t say who, but some of them are from authors,” she says. “That is something the publishing industry has to face up to – it can’t keep turning a blind eye to the fact there are children’s authors who [spout] really vile transphobia from ‘within the room’ in publishing. And it’s so important publishers don’t accommodate that, and I’m prepared to speak out about that too – it’s so important”. 

Any receipts for that? Is it really “transphobia” or is it just not believing that boys can be girls and girls can be boys? It’s not a phobia to know what’s what.

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