Women as all-purpose safety net

Sometimes a “blanket” rule is what’s necessary.

The case of Isla Bryson, the transgender double rapist who was initially sent to a female prison, must not result in a blanket ban on trans women serving their sentences in women’s facilities, the campaign group Scottish Trans has said.

Nonsense. Trans women are men, and as such should not be in women’s facilities. The end.

“It is right that this should be decided on an individualised risk assessment basis,” Valentine said.

“For example, a trans woman transitioned for 20 years, who is in prison for a non-violent offence like financial fraud, might pose no risk to other women in custody, but be at significant risk herself if accommodated on the male estate.”

I don’t care. Don’t make his problem women’s problem. Figure out some other way to solve the problem. Women don’t exist to be a safe haven for men.

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