175 days since some other random thing happened

Gather round everyone, it’s time to CATASTROPHIZE.

Ten days after random thing happens, unrelated thing happens in another part of the forest. BE APPALLED. Also, here’s this fella, that someone in Ireland said was something. ARE YOU APPALLED YET?

You’ll be surprised to learn that the person who composed that ridiculous sentence has a PhD. You’ll be less surprised now that I tell you it’s in “transgender studies.” What is there to study? Besides rampant narcissism and entitlement?

Anyway, the point is, it’s never the right time to do anything, because The Trans CommuNinny is always traumatized, so just shut up forever, all of you.

Oh oh oh the horror, people argue that it’s risky and abusive to push children to try to stop their own puberties via dangerous chemical interventions. It’s much better to urge children to mess up their bodies and thus their minds before they’re old enough to evaluate the risks.

And to sum up:

Magdalen Berns! So soon after a random murder trial! Add them all together and you get the magic secret cryptic number!

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