21 genders sat on a wall

What for?

NHS bosses have been accused of ‘woke pandering’ after they brought out a banner featuring flags for 21 genders or sexualities.  Different terms for those who consider themselves not belonging to any sex, or are a combination of both, are included on the banner at Royal Stoke Hospital. 

The familiar Gay Pride flag, which features a rainbow, appears on the banner alongside a selection of lesser-known identities – such as Polysexual, Demiromantic and Genderqueer. The collection of flags is titled ‘Everyone is welcome here’.  

Well duh. It’s the National Health Service, not a social club or a kindergarten or the House of Lords. Of course it lets everyone in; that’s its job. And if you are going to make a big fuss about the fact that you don’t throw people out of your hospitals, what’s the point of emphasizing that by burbling about “Demiromantic” and “Genderqueer”? Why not just shut up, instead?

University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust – considered one of the country’s worst performing – said the flag enables patients to ‘be themselves’. 

If people can’t “be themselves” without bizarre random flags flapped at them, they need to shut down and restart.

Jane Haire, UHNM Chief People Officer, said: ‘We understand that different individuals may have varying views on symbols and flags used to represent different identities but this banner symbolises our commitment to achieving a more inclusive organisation where both colleagues and the people we care for are encouraged to be themselves.’ 

But it doesn’t work like that. Surely even complete fools can see why. People aren’t “encouraged to be themselves” by the NHS shoving random niche sexual identities in their faces. That kind of absurd patronizing performance is far more likely to make nearly everyone feel repulsed and not welcome at all. Insidery jargon is not a “welcoming” thing; it’s the opposite.

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