All backwards

The Guardian cautiously explains:

Westminster city council and Social Work England last week became the latest to join a list of organisations – including Arts Council England, a barristers’ chambers and a thinktank – found to have discriminated against a female worker because of their gender-critical beliefs.

No, her gender-critical beliefs. Just four words past “a female worker” we get the terrified “their” – how pathetic is that?

The social worker Rachel Meade’s win against the council and her profession’s regulator means she joins a select but growing group of gender-critical feminists who have successfully brought discrimination claims on the basis of their beliefs.

Their “beliefs” ffs – as if it weren’t something everyone knew until about ten years ago.

Gender-critical feminists believe sex is biological and cannot be changed…

No we don’t “believe” that; we know it. Everyone knows it, but a small set of people pretend not to, and try to force everyone else to pretend too.

On Monday, a tribunal began hearing a constructive dismissal claim from Roz Adams against Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre. Next month, Kenny McBride’s case against the Scottish government is due to be heard in Glasgow, while judgments are pending in a claim from Prof Jo Phoenix against the Open University and that of the Green party’s former deputy leader Shahrar Ali against the party.

In all four cases – and more in the pipeline – the claimants argue they were discriminated against because they hold gender-critical beliefs.

Lewis said there would always be “bad eggs” but compared the situation to legal cases on manifestations of religious belief at work, such as wearing a cross.

But we’re not the ones with the religious belief! We’re not the ones wearing a fucking cross. We’re the ones who refuse to lie about who is what sex.

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