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Hamza Yousef says men will be protected under new misogyny laws.

Scotland’s first minister has said transgender women will be protected under any new misogyny laws. Humza Yousaf insisted that “anyone affected” by misogyny would be covered, whatever their biological sex.

That is moronic. Anyone can be “affected” by anything; it’s meaningless. Hatred of women is bad for women. There’s no “anyone” here; the word is quite specific.

Women were not included in the recent Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Act 2021 that was introduced on 1 April – a decision that Mr Yousaf said had followed discussions with a number of women’s groups.

What kind of discussions? The kind where Mr Yousaf says “You bitches don’t need protection” and the bitches agree with him? Or what?

When asked whether fresh legislation would cover transgender women, Mr Yousaf said that it would, as whoever was directing misogynistic abuse would be unaware if a woman was trans or not.

What a disgusting liar he is. Of course people are “aware” if and when a man is claiming to be a woman.

The Alba Party MSP Ash Regan said the first minister’s reference to cis women was “offensive”. She added “Women are not a subclass of our sex. Trans-identifying people are protected under the Hate Crime and Public Order Act 2021, yet despite crime against women being a scourge in our society, women are not.”

The author JK Rowling, who has been an outspoken critic of the Hate Crime Act, said the first minister’s remarks showed “absolute contempt” for women. On X, formerly known as Twitter, she said: “Women were excluded from his nonsensical hate crime law, now he introduces a ‘misogyny law’ designed to also protect men.”

It’s not enough for him to take great care to insult women once; he needs to do it twice.

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