Beliefs, views, policies

Belief belief belief, but it’s not a “belief”; it’s reality.

Sure, it’s a “belief” in a silly narrow sense, but it’s not a “belief” in the sense of being tentative or contrary to fact. It’s not like a religious belief, because religious beliefs can be anything at all and are subject to no checks.

The BBC leans heavily on the b word:

The Green Party discriminated against former deputy leader Dr Shahrar Ali during a row over his gender critical beliefs, a court has ruled.

But “gender critical beliefs” aren’t beliefs as commonly understood. It’s not a “belief” to know that humans are not cats, it’s not a belief to know that turnips are not chainsaws, it’s not a belief to know that the Hawaiian islands are not in the Atlantic.

I know we have to talk about it that way now in order to defend our right to utter this “belief,” but it’s a crappy situation.

But the judgement upheld political parties’ right to dismiss spokespeople whose views differ from party policy.

The Chair of the Green Party of England and Wales’ executive, Jon Nott, said: We are pleased that the court has recognised that a democratic political party has the right to select those who speak for it on the basis that they can and will communicate and support party policy publicly.”

There again – it’s not a “view” and it’s not a “policy.” Trees are not horses; hammers are not marmalade; men are not women. Things are what they are and not something else.

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