Gosh, the CBC asks, blinking rapidly, is there really a competitive advantage???

Right below the headline and subhead, we are treated to this heartbreaking photo and caption:

Aria McGowan becomes tearful as she reflects on a proposed policy in Alberta that would ban trans women and girls from competing against women and girls. (Samuel Martin/CBC)

Oh oh oh the puir wee lass, that’s so sad. Her big red eyes, her crinkled brow, her tilted head, her leather thumb on her trembling lip. What have we done???

The lede:

Aria McGowan picks up a football and gingerly takes a couple of steps back before throwing it to a teammate down the field.

Gingerly? Why gingerly? What possible work does that word do in that sentence? What sense does it even make? It’s just the same attempted manipulation as that stupid photo. She’s a tragic sensitive tremulous shy fragile wee girl, and she can’t bear it that we horrible leathery women are so mean to her. She can barely walk these days because we’re so horrible.

He’s the quarterback on a women’s football team in Edmonton.

She loves playing football, and it’s clear the football field is a place McGowan feels safe. But she and other trans athletes in the province could potentially see their athletic pursuits curtailed. 

In late January, Alberta Premier Danielle Smith proposed a slew of policies that could affect trans youth and adults, ranging from restrictions on gender-affirming health care to classroom pronoun policies. Among the proposed policies is a ban on transgender girls and women competing against girls and women in athletic competitions.

Which is only right, being as how transgender girls and women are boys and men.

“In those cases, we do want to have biological women — women who are born biologically female — have the choice of being able to participate in a biological-female-only category while still preserving the gender-neutral categories and co-ed opportunities so that everyone has the ability to participate.”

Details on these proposed policies are slim. Legislation for the suite of policies is expected to be introduced in the fall. If passed, Alberta would be the first province in the country to implement this type of ban.

How is it a “ban” if there are still “the gender-neutral categories”?

“Being told I’m not allowed to [play] would really suck,” McGowan said, holding back tears. “It’s just a lot of emotions.”

But he can still play in that scenario, just not on the women’s team.

In the last few years, debate has been raging in North America over who should be allowed to compete in sports. While the discussion revolves around concepts of fairness and inclusion, researchers say the science around whether trans athletes have a competitive advantage is unsettled.

Liars. Either the CBC is lying or those “researchers” are lying.

McGowan played football as a teenager and said she enjoys how it is a team sport where trust is pivotal.

She joined the Edmonton Storm the year after her surgery and has been on the team ever since. McGowan said she’s not aware of any teammate or member of an opposing team expressing concern with her presence on the field.

Ah now why might that be? Is it possible that teammates and members of opposing teams don’t feel at liberty to express concern with his presence on the field? Has he ever considered that for one single god damn second?

“I’m not the biggest person, not the smallest. I’m not the fastest. I don’t see where an issue would lie with me playing. I’m not taking up anybody’s spot,” she said.

Of course he is.

McGowan fundamentally disagrees with Alberta’s proposed sports policy.

“Being told you can’t do something makes you think there’s something wrong with you, when there’s not,” she said.

Top class reasoning there. Being told you can’t rape a baby makes you think there’s something wrong with you, yeah?

The CBC is pathetic.

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