First person pronoun speaks up

Another brave activist steps up to tell us all about qrxself.

As I opened the envelope last summer – during the beginning of warmer weather and, aptly, of Pride season I felt like I was opening the next chapter of my life.

The envelope contained my deed poll – a legal document that proved I changed my name – and receiving it was one of the most joyful and emotional moments of my transition. I identify as non-binary; and the deed poll confirmed my name is – at long last – Dee Whitnell. 

Is that the most exciting thing you’ve ever read or what?

But I haven’t always been able to celebrate my identity in this way – far from it. For as long as I can remember, I’ve never felt like a girl or a boy.

I didn’t fit into either group at school, and either isolated myself by hanging out on my own because I thought I was the only one to experience these feelings, or threw myself into hyper-femininity to try to convince myself that I was a girl. I grew my hair long, fake-tanned and wore my school skirt rolled up to make it shorter – because that’s what the girls did.

Meanwhile every single one of the other girls, of course, had no such feelings or qualms or doubts whatsoever, because they were all dull conformist drones, unlike Precious Self.

There’s a whole lot more in the same vein, about how her mother doesn’t get it about her name, and how hard it is to vote, and enthralling details like that. A feast of delights for the narcissist-fancier.

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