Guest post: A New Academic Field

Guest post by Jonathan Gallant

Contemporary academia in the US is blessed with a wealth of programs that start with the word “Critical” and end with the word “Studies”.   I hereby announce a new discipline which will interrogate the history, sociology, hermeneutics, and astrology of all these programs.  Our new discipline is called Critical Studies Studies, and its monographs will appear in our own scholarly journal, to be called Studies in Critical Studies Studies.  We intend this journal to take its place in high-powered scholarly publication, alongside such outstanding examples as Social Text, the Journal of Diversity in Higher Education, the Journal of Progressive Policy & Practice, Hypatia, and Gender, Place & Culture.  We will require “positionality statements” with every submission—in fact, we welcome submissions that contain nothing but the authors’ positionality statements.  And, like our colleagues at similar leading journals, we will never quibble about such obsolete issues as repeated publication or duplicative language.  

We will soon advertise positions in this new discipline, with preference going to members of minoritized racial, ethnic, sexual, transgender, transanimal, and transvegetable communities.  In the interest of Inclusion, we will employ cluster hiring so as to staff our field exclusively with members of these communities.  Every member of a minoritized community will feel him-, her-, they-, zher-, or it-self to be fully majoritized in the exciting new field of Critical Studies Studies.  

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