Guest post: Awfulizing for no good reason?

Originally a comment by Your Name’s not Bruce? on We’re the violent actors?

We’re not the ones shouting threats and posting images of guns and knives.

Pffft. That’s just a) passionate rhetoric; b) completely justified self defence; c) “just joking” or “ironic”; in other words, good, clean, healthy fun; d) taken out of context. Choose whichever one is most expedient to the particular threatener.

Canada’s intelligence agency is warning that extremists could “inspire and encourage” serious violence against the 2SLGBTQI+ community

I daresay that those of us posting here on B&W would all be branded as “extremists” in light of the inflated threat vocabulary of transactivists. If misgendering is “violence,” questioning gender identity is “denying their right to exist,” and opposition and resistance to their demands is plotting “trans genocide,” then we are all guilty. Use our words against us; it’s all here. Low-hanging fruit ripe for the picking. Just a few pseudonyms to fugure out and you’re done. Take us away.

We’re as “guilty” of these things as feminist philosophical critiques of gender ideology are implicated in the murder (by men) of Brazillian trans-identified sex workers. There’s an undeniable, inevitable, straight-line connection between essays defending women’s rights and spaces and the brutal slaughter of thousands upon thousands of trans identified males happening around us every day, year in, year out. Just look around; trans folk are being banned from sports; they’re denied any and all medical care; they’re thrown out of their jobs and homes. They’re being rounded up as we speak, carted off to camps, never to be heard from again. It’s JUST LIKE THE JEWS IN NAZI GERMANY (oops, Jews are the bad guys now, right?) Why isn’t CSIS investigating all of that?

A former University of Waterloo student accused of attacking a gender-studies class with a knife last summer — sending an associate professor and two students to hospital — now faces 11 terrorism charges.

I wonder; in the current climate of captured government agencies, would an attack on a feminist gathering by a knife-wielding trans activist result in terrororism charges? Or would it be passed off as a “lone wolf” attack that could be blamed on the feminists themselves?

There is no “ecosystem of violent rhetoric within the anti-gender movement.”

But Ophelia, denial that such a thing exists is tantamount to admiting that it does.

There must such an ecosystem, or CSIS wouldn’t be interested in it. It’s a self-fulfilling prophesy, the resources being squandered by earmarked for will bear fruit of some kind, however vapourous and insubstantial. If a society believes in witchcraft, witches will be found. If not found, they will be created.

CSIS might declare victory by claiming to have “prevented” any number of attacks. They will be tied to the “transphobic dogwhistles” of the mildest sorts of criticism or questioning, because even the mildest criticism, the simplest presentation of the truth of the immutible human sex binary is an unorgiveable “incitement” that cannot be allowed to stand. Such shocking ideas are branded as right-wing bigotry by transactivists in an attempt to shut down debate and intimidate any who would speak such heresy. CSIS is now part of the Inquisition; if they are blind to the rhetorical asymmetry between transactivists and those women who dare say “No” to their demands, then they have joined the side of the genderists and will act on their suggestions. In fact , through this announcement, they already are.

Never mind the steady pushes against women’s rights from transactivists (Ogre even got a fucking medal for pretty much just that), never mind the men put into women’s prisons, the smearing of “watchful waiting” as “conversion therapy.” If “our side” was doing all of this to the “other side,” then CSIS might have something to investigate. But that’s not happening, and those examples of trans incursion on women’s rights are all state sanctioned actions. Perhaps CSIS is being put on the case precisely because of this resistance to what is essentially government policy. Would they have gone casting around on their own to find this as a subject of investigation, or were they pointed in that direction by their political masters? Are there no more important dangers and threats to the country that their time and effort could be more usefully deployed? Would they have made this sort of pre-emptive well-poisoning public announcement without permission? I have my doubts.

And if there is anti-trans violence, it won’t be because of the feminist critique of trans “rights.” Violent right wing extremists have their own agendas, and just because they agree with us that the sky is blue and water is wet, that doesn’t make us complicit with or the inspiration of whatever actions they take. We’re not telling anyone to “Punch transwomen in the fucking mouth.” You can’t even read it between the lines. They’re the ones demonizing fair, principled opposition to their demands, refusing open and honest debate. They’re the ones who hound people out of their jobs for refusing to aquiesce to trans orthodoxy. And now they’re the ones wielding the power of the state intelligence security aparatus. Welcome to Lysenkoism 2.0, the Trans Edition.

Maybe I’m awfulizing for no good reason, exhibiting an unreasonable combination of political hypochondria and histrionics. Indeed, putting all this out there makes me sound like I’ve become some kind of raving, right-wing conspiracy nut, even to myself. But I’ve stood still while much of the Left (of which I have counted myself among) has jumped of a fucking cliff, leaving me politically homeless. I would only ever vote Conservative if all the other alternatives were even farther to the right than they are, but all of the parties I normally support have surrendered to trans dogma. The lunatics haven’t taken over the asylum yet, but they’re being asked to advise on policy; delusional fantasies are accepted as Gospel truth, and sanity is being viewed with increasing suspicion and distrust.

I fear, at some point, I will be left muttering beneath my breath, “Eppur si muove.”

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