Guest post: Expecting to hear Marlin Perkins doing the narration

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Was in a grocery store years ago and there was one man unloading his cart and another man bringing his cart into the checkout line. The second man’s cart BARELY touched the first man’s cart, it was an accident, second guy did not tap the first guy’s cart on purpose. Well, they looked at each other and then they kept looking at each other and then really started glaring at each other and starting to square up aggressively. I expected to hear Marlin Perkins doing narration about how exciting it was that we got footage of these two magnificent animals about to fight in this amazing wild kingdom.

I said quite loudly that fighting was NOT allowed in this supermarket. That managed to break up the glaring and both guys went back to checking out groceries, but they still huffed and gave each other nasty looks. When first guy was leaving, the floor manager came over to ask if everything was OK with the second guy — she was trying to give first guy time to get clear of the parking lot to make sure the ruckus did not reignite out there.

Nature or nurture or some combination of both? This male-on-male 0 to 100mph in two seconds aggression event that ended up with one man dead seems to come from the same mold, doesn’t it? Too bad there was no chance for bystanders to try and distract either of these two men from their own violent impulses in this case.

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