Guest post: So used to the mantra

Originally a comment by Screechy Monkey on 14 when he knew.

The BBC has gotten so used to the mantra that (clap) trans (clap) kids (clap) are (clap) who they say they are (clap clap clap) that they can’t shake it even when reporting on a story about how the medicine actually doesn’t say that.

Imagine if a report came out that said that it appeared that oncologists were over-prescribing chemotherapy, and that the medical evidence strongly shows that it’s not appropriate in many cases in which it’s being used.

Would the BBC rush to interview cancer patients for their “opinions” on the medicine? No doubt some patients would have opinions (“I had chemo, and I think it saved my life!”), but would they be newsworthy? Would they be relevant to a story about what the medical practice should be?

When mainstream media outlets report on anti-vaxxers, they usually make an effort to draw the contrast. It’s not “immunologists and virologists and public health experts say the COVID vaccines are safe and effective, but American football star Aaron Rodgers says otherwise, so who can say?”

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