14 when he knew

The Beeb rushes to chat with a “trans man” about how hurty it all is.

Trans young people say they feel “disappointed” and “ignored” by the Cass Review into gender care.

No, really??!

They’ve been taught to feel that, Beeb. They’ve been taught by you among others. You’re teaching more people by writing this stupid story.

Sean Donovan was 14 when he knew he had gender dysphoria, but was not able to access puberty blockers which he said could have saved him “so much trauma”.

Or could have wrecked “his” life.

The review recommended a “holistic assessment” of a child’s needs, including “screening for neurodevelopmental conditions, including autism spectrum disorder, and a mental health assessment”. Mr Donovan said none of this would have helped him, he just needed transition support.

And of course Mr Donovan knows that with absolute certainty and there is no way “he” could be wrong about any or all of it.

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