Just going with what a lot of other people have said

I’m just catching up on the news about a teacher who was abruptly fired, apparently for teaching critical thinking. It seems the school also seized his personal laptop and is keeping it, which…how is that legal? It’s either that or he was writing a book on a school computer and not backing it up on a computer of his own, which…why tf would he do that?

I’m only halfway through because I stopped to look for background information so that I could make sense of what he says. So. That quest led to this video and, starting at 1:25, the core of this whole shitshow – not the one around this teacher but the one around the ideology. You know the one.

Student to Smith: It was deemed transphobic – ok – like, I myself –

Smith to student: Do you find that transphobic yourself?

Student: Uhhhhh – I don’t really have an opinion on it, but, I’m just going with what a lot of other people have said


Slam down on that stop button, suspend all search for background on this story, in order to shout as loudly as possible YES, EXACTLY, YOU AND EVERYONE ELSE, AND THAT IS HOW WE GOT HERE.

Imagine everyone’s surprise when all the questions are asked and it finally becomes too obvious to deny that that’s what EVERYONE is doing AND THAT’S WHY THIS IS SUCH A GARBAGE FIRE of a movement and an ideology and an attempt at “liberation” or “inclusion” or “equity” or whateverthefuck these robotic goons think they’re doing.

“I’m just going with what a lot of other people have said” – yes and guess what, sonny, so are they. It turns out that’s all ANYONE is doing. You all think someone somewhere must have gotten hold of the right end of the stick somehow, so there’s no need to think further. Well you are WRONG about that. No one did. There is no right end of this stick. It’s a crock of shit from top to bottom.

Now back to learning more about Warren Smith…now that the outlines are pathetically clear.

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