Lesbians plus everyone else

There’s a lesbian visibility week? Who knew?!

DIVA is all worked up about it.

Who else is excited for Lesbian Visibility Week 2024? Taking place between 22 April – 28 April, next year’s celebration of the wonderful lesbian community and all LGBTQIA women and non-binary people is set to be bigger than ever. Therefore, DIVA needs some reinforcements! 

Oh I see, so it’s not a lesbian visibility week, it’s a lesbians and some men visibility week. Kind of a different thing.

We are delighted to be bringing the legendary activist Nancy Kelley onto the DIVA team for Lesbian Visibility Week 2024. Nancy has spent her career campaigning for human rights and social justice on issues ranging from poverty and mental health to refugee protection. She served as the CEO of Stonewall between 2020-2023, working towards improving and defending LGBTQIA rights. 

That is, working towards creating new unworkable “rights” for men who call themselves lesbians, at the expense of the rights of lesbians. Way to go, Nancy!

Nancy said: “I am absolutely thrilled to be working with Linda and team DIVA to make Lesbian Visibility Week 2024 the most joyful global celebration of LGBTQI women yet”

Wtf are LGBTQI women? And why is she swapping them in for lesbians? Lesbians are not gay men, they’re not trans, they don’t all identify as “queer,” and intersex is a different subject altogether.

So typical to claim to be promoting lesbian visibility by shoving lesbians aside in favor of men playing dress-up.

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