NHS seeks more homeopaths

What could go wrong?

Degrees in homoeopathy, computer science, English literature and human resources are being accepted as entry qualifications to train to become a physician associate, the Daily Telegraph can reveal.

The NHS is rolling out a mass expansion in the use of such workers, despite concerns that patients are being put at risk by workers with insufficient training.

And not just insufficient but QUACK. No one with a degree in homeopathy should be anywhere near the NHS.

The figures for 2021 to 2023 show Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge accepted two students with degrees in homoeopathic medicine, while Bournemouth University accepted degrees in anthropology, nutrition and computer systems engineering.

There’s no such thing as “homeopathic medicine.” Homeopathy is dilution, not medicine. Dilution is not a form of medicine.

Physician associates are supposed to share some of the duties performed by doctors, including taking medical histories, examining patients, making diagnoses and analysing test results. However, they are supposed to work under the supervision of a doctor at all times. In recent years, there has been growing concern that the workers are being used to do tasks which require a fully qualified doctor.

The concerns have deepened since the death of Emily Chesterton, 30, from Salford, who died after two appointments with a physician associate whom she believed was a GP. Ms Chesterton consulted the Vale Practice surgery in north London on October 31, 2022. Her symptoms included calf pain, a swollen and hot leg, shortness of breath and she was finding it increasingly difficult to walk. 

The young actress believed she had been seen by a GP – but instead, a physician associate prescribed her propranolol medication for anxiety.

Seriously? I have no medical training whatsoever but if I had those symptoms I would think I had a dangerous raging infection and needed to get to the emergency room.

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